The Zionist Zeig Heil!

Israel, can you please calm the fuck down? I mean, my God whats next? Interment camps? Maybe, and this might not be such a bad fucking idea, but maybe you might want to look into acid showers and opening back up the gates of Auschwitz and really teach those god damned dirty Palestinians a thing or two.

The title of "God's Chosen People" can only go so fucking far, because to be quite honest I don't see God around anywhere with a generals helmet on leading tanks into war.

America might pull some fancy, cutesy bullshit once and a while when we dip into the Middle East, but you sit right in the middle of it all and constantly poke and prod. And I get that you're a people that have been through thousands of years of suffering, but do you even realize that you are slowly turning into the Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of the World Stage? I'm half expecting you to stroll down the Gaza Strip in Trench Coats reciting some real Old Testament judgment (you know, the kind where God smote people for taking dumps and not lighting a scented candle afterwards.) Oh wait....you already are.

What makes your plight any different than that of Africa's, of the Irish, of the Native American's or every Gandhi-esque figure that ate the butt of a riffle because they wanted freedom? A wall and some Dead Sea scrolls?

Your actions with bombing Lebanese civilians to retaliate against their troops is nothing short of Hitler instituting the Holocaust. But now with the Palestinians over what? Because they want some land that is rightfully theirs, yet you feel is due to you because your God promised it? Guess what? You share the same God.

Maybe God's been two timing you both. I've seen it a hundred times. Maybe God's a player. "Sure baby, your my only one and I've promised this land for ya. Who loves you the most?" He just gave you both different names...but it's the same guy.

Palestinians know him as Allah, Jews might know him as Yahweh...we American's simply know him as the dude that lets our favorite football team win the Superbowl.

So maybe God's a player and never expected you two to be in the same room. And by golly, it surely is a bit awkward now, but trust me baby, he loves you the most.

The blame lies here solely with Israel, and it pains me to say that to an extent, but theres only so much bullshit one can absorb before you have to hold the incompetent on trial for their transgressions. Theres no need, in this modern world and society for a need to be a Zionist. There simply isn't. We've progressed to the point where we don't have to rely on trading sheep and cattle for the neighbors virgin daughter. We have e-harmony and MySpace now, so...you know...it's okay to step into the modern world, if only for a minute.

Theres always going to be aged people who are book smart, but do not know their pinkies from their dicks, and for the past eight years thats really been an indicative statement of America. But now I have to wonder if the rest of the world will hold Israel in just as much equal contempt as we've felt for our transgressions now that they are instituting "guerrilla warfare" and civilian hand-to-hand combat.

If it takes the rest of the modern world shunning and ostracizing Israel until they fuck right off about the Gaza Strip, and remove the collective holy sticks from their asses and realize that what they are doing is no different than what they suffered through during Egypt, Rome and Nazi Germany's Third Reich, then so be it.

This isn't a slight against Jewish people whatsoever, either. The truth of the matter though, is that each and every single gathering of people be it; Southerners, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Irish, Russians...what the shit ever, it's always the minority of morons that think they know whats best for everyone else.

But this, coupled with America's involvement in the Middle East these past few years...I just don't see how the addition of our "most trusted Allies" jumping on the wagon of pummeling those dirty, dirty non-believers is not going to result in World War Three with an A-Bomb the size of Texas not being dropped on either one, or both of us.

Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

If you wanna measure dicks, make it a side bet during some other pissing contest over the Wailing Wall or something. But innocent people are suffering because your pimp God spoke to you louder.

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skipjenkins said...

Insightful and incindiary.

I like it. :)