The Boxer Brief Chronicles.

Hey guys, I just wanted to do a quick update on the writing front. Of course I do a daily update at Days Gone By, and a weekly update of For Your Consideration. But lately I've also been writing and working on a book of short stories, which recently I unveiled the title over at Days Gone By. It will be called File Under Powerviolence. I have a few people interested in talking about publishing it, which I was told the other day is practically unheard of when a relatively unknown, young writer (I'm only 23) to get published.

So I decided to take care of the unknown thing.

A few months back during the D4 fiasco, which if you're up to date on Piss and Vinegar, you know a thing or two about. Well, one of the people who didn't like what I'd done during that event (an editor at Punk News) wrote an article on his site, Bitter Press, called Plugging the Leak.

If you know anything about Bitter Press, you know that guy is awesome and he gives a lot of unheard of authors a chance to be a little bit heard. After the fiasco we talked a bit, and an invitation was extended to submit a story for his site, and I accepted.

Fast-forward five months:

I recently submitted a story near and dear to me as I wrote it called Shootin' At a Mound of Dirt. It's picked up some steam (it's on fucking Digg!) from word of mouth, etc.

Truth is I'm doing this all alone, and this is my passion. I really appreciate everyone who's jumped on board, and I hate to ask this but please...without word of mouth, I'm going nowhere, and I mean fast. Check it out on Digg. Check it out on Bitter Press. You like it? Digg it. You hate it? Do the opposite of that. Leave a comment, and please...just share the link. I've worked really hard, and I'm finally seeing some of that pay off, but without the help of people reading this...I'm dead in the water.

Thank you guys so much. Piss and Vinegar ain't dead, I swear it. I just want to keep my blood pressure low, but if I were a betting man...I'd say the Tuesday, and the 24th look like mighty fine days to check back up on old Piss and Vinegar.

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