The Round Mound of Rebound Pitches a Tent.

"What do you think an artist is? He is a political being, constantly aware of the heart breaking, passionate, or delightful things that happen in the world, shaping himself completely in their image. Painting is not done to decorate apartments. No, it is an instrument of war.""
-Pablo Picasso.

As you may know, I have an extreme passion for basketball. Growing up in Arizona, especially during the early 90's, I wound up becoming a rabid, and lifelong fan of the Phoenix Suns.

One of my favorite players as a kid was Charles Barkley, or "The Round Mound of Rebound." His playing was interesting, and everything about him seemed to exude this enormous amount of attitude and charm that demanded a level of respect I wish I knew how to capitalize on myself.

Throughout his career, and even up until now, he's never been a person you would consider to be shy. Many bar fights, gambling habits and controversial statements have kept him someone who, despite if you love him or hate him, still manages to keep you not only entertained but captivated.

Recently, ol' Barkley was popped for a DUI offense. One thing that I can't say I've ever denied with Sir Charles is that he lacked any amount of integrity. In denying to allow his celebrity status, he willing had himself incarcerated for ten days in another notorious local Arizonians' playground, Tent City.

For those of you who aren't aware, Tent City is most definitely a place you do not want to find yourself in. Everything about it screams, basically, internment camp.

Arizona reaches temperatures of at least 125 during it's peak in the summer. Tent City is an outdoor prison, and it stems from "Americas Toughest Sheriff" Joe Arpaio.

The problem with Joe is that during the past decade or so, all that standing out in the sun, and oppressing minorities and those just awaiting trial, must have bleached his once pink brain to a soft mushy gray.

I wish I could make up a character as unbelievable as this, because thats what he is--a character. The laws he's imposed reach far beyond that of his alloted duties. Throughout the years, he's been the subject of so much controversy, it makes my head spin.

Any other elected official, or civil servant who's cost not only the County which he serves (Maricopa) as well as his State millions and millions and millions of taxpayers money would have been kicked swiftly out on his ass, after having done time in his own institution.

He's refused amnesty, admitted to leaving objects in the open for prisoners to harm themselves/each other, caused several pregnant women/teens to miscarry, attempted to quell free speech, had several mentally retarded or unstable/blind individuals to die due to his mens tortuous practices, allowed several of his officers to receive hand jobs/touch suspected prostitutes breasts and asses all under the guise of "proving they weren't cops", turning a blind eye to his men breaking a paraplegics neck, hesitated to give any evidence of 15 of his men guilty of smothering a naked inmate male to death, neglected to pay attention to a nearly 20 minute brutal beating and murder of an inmate at the hands of another inmate even seemingly not noticing that the deceased inmate was dragged down the hall and left out in the open before any guard responded, and even killed a dog. I mean really? A fucking dog?? And this literally is just the tip of the ice berg.

This isn't the old west anymore, and someone needs to inform Joe of this.

I understand prison exists for a reason, but I'm also not ignorant to the fact that many of the people behind bars are guilty of nothing more than maybe smoking marijuana. Most drug offenders and users shouldn't be incarcerated in my opinion. In Holland, the government willingly provides not only drugs for users, but services to help them get clean and safe environments in which to do said narcotics. Holland has one of the lowest drug problems in the world, and I think thats indicative of forward thinking, and taking a chance.

Arpaio has done enough damage to civil liberties, caused enough human suffering, spat in the face of the judicial system, and taken it upon himself to be the judge, jury and executioner, often times skipping that whole pesky "fair trial" business and sending a person who's not even convicted to Tent City.

I understand that child touchers, murderers, rapists or other convicted criminals of violent crimes do need to be reprimanded. But as hard of a pill as that is to swallow, these are still human beings, and while they are stripped of their civil rights, are still entitled to human rights as they are in fact human beings.

Prison politics, while seemingly inconceivable and unimaginable, more often then not take care of wife beaters and child touchers in quite fair ways. Once convicted, I don't feel any sort of mercy for the guilty when those cell doors lock, because as far as I'm concerned that individual had his day in court with a jury of his peers, and now gets to take his punishment from his peers. What I'm saying is that I don't fault prisoners for extracting the revenge families of the accosted wish they could take out on said individual.

But it isn't up for the guards to decide, and if something does go down, those guards need to be their, dutifully mind you, to break it up. Thats what they are paid to do, thats where my money is going.

Many of the crimes the Bush Administration was guilty of, most notably torture (such as water boarding) are things that Arpaio is guilty of himself. During the last eight years, he's had basically a free pass to whatever he wants, whenever he wants and no one can ask a question or say anything otherwise, lest they wind up finding a gram of coke in their glove box when they get pulled over for a "routine" stop.

But now the economy is circling the drain, and if not for the every single one of those inhumane issues discussed above, then for the simple fact that he bleeds out more money than Charles Barkley ever has with his gambling habits. And much more frequently, as well.

In the span of three years, he was the subject of 2,150 lawsuits, which is more than 50 times as many prison-conditions lawsuits as the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston jail systems combined. Combined. Maricopa County has paid out 43 million dollars in settlement claims during his tenure.

Any CEO who cost his company that much in lawsuits would be strung up by his neck on Wall Street for all the peasants to beat with sticks and rocks. So why is it so different for the State of Arizona to tie his ass to a cactus, and let the families of those wronged by him to make him account for his transgressions? I realize thats not a feasible punishment, but it certainly fits his conduct of business.

I think the answer lays within the fact that Arizona is a Red State, through and through. And Neo-Conservatives hate change more than they hate minorities and the poor. The simple notion of a new man in town paints every single one of their collective khakis yellow from the crotch to the leg.

"What if it's a black man, or God forbid...a Mex-E-can?" The boarders will be opened wide within a week, queers will be fucking on the front lawn of the governors mansion. Judges will be allowed to do their job, and Joe Arpaio will melt, because all of his power is stored within his mighty badge.

It's time for a change. Not only in Maricopa County, not only in Arizona, not only in America, but world wide. The simple fact that theres a gestapo like task force in the Land of the Free should terrify every individual, especially those who thought, "Change? Yes We Can."

It's time to remove him from office, and rebuild the tarnished reputation of a fair county and it's cities.


Headstone in Rome.

First and foremost, I waited last night until 12:01am to truly celebrate the demise of the Bush Administration, the most ugly and demeaning Presidency that I think I can even recall, even flipping through the texts of history books.

Part of me is very vanilla, though, about the swearing in of Obama. So many years ago, on those same steps is where Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. stood and delivered perhaps on of the most inspirational speeches in American history.

I truly feel now that all those years that parents have told their children, "you can be anything you want to be" is a very valid, very true and attainable goal. That despite color, you can go far.

But thats where those lines end. We've still yet to have homosexual Presidents. Think about it: That administration would be FABULOUS! But we've yet to have a President stand there and not say he didn't believe in this Christian God, or anything of that sort. We haven't had a woman President yet.

As long as your dick's bent straight, as long as you have a dick, as long as you worship that same God, we welcome you with open arms.

Everyone wants to say Obama is the savior of America. Hope is that powerful equalizer that brings everyone down to an even-set playing field; no one is above or below those lines of wanting change for something positive, hoping that things can be corrected.

I voted for Obama, I'll make no qualms about that.

But there isn't really a discernible difference between he, and Bush on paper. They both were in favor of the Patriot Act.

I know when I'm being lied too. I know that Obama being where he is, is solely because he IS a black man. If people wanted real, tangible change, they'd have voted for Ron Paul. But he's a creation by an organization to polish the turd thats become our political processes. And truth be told, it might have always been a turd, it was just never this stinky.

He's here simply to polish that turd and try to pass it off as a diamond, and I'm just not buying into it. No one will want to hold this guy accountable for what he's saying and doing because he doesn't stutter when he speaks, and he can look a camera in the eye without laughing, and he won't be called out for a spade being a spade...and my head might fucking explode.

Dance puppet, dance.

Five years ago, 15 normal American's outside of Illinois knew who this man was. He'd barely gotten time to get his ass in that Senators seat, much less even get it warm before it was auctioned off on Ebay. Now he was thrown into the waves of the Presidential race.

And don't get me wrong, I like that he wasn't there long enough to become a visible person of "politics and usual", but honestly, what the hell?

He didn't even have enough time to make his politics in CHICAGO, let alone AMERICA something known. Thats why so little dirt was had on this guy.

What I'm saying is, and not trying to come off like some crazy fucking Anarchist conspiratorial whack-job, is that after all of this death and destruction...we will still wantonly accept these hand outs, and eat it up like we were starved for nachos, and Uncle Sam was doling out Government Cheese.

Here, let me put it in a different context: Take N'sync and Backstreet Boys. For you kiddies out there, thats the equivalent today of Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco. They were pre-packaged to make money off of adolescent girls, and horny cougars.

Eventually people will despise this man. There is no Shangri-La. But it won't ever be for the proper reasons. He wants to bring troops out of Iraq. Celebrate good times!...except those kids are on their way to Afghanistan. And I wouldn't be surprised if their tour of duties weren't retroactive to their Iraqi tours, meaning they start from scratch.

And Afghanistan, when you think about it, is worse than Iraq! What are we fighting?? For what? Do you ever remember anymore? It's still a war that was defiant of the UN, and by supporting that while condemning Bush is still...politics as usual.

The Who once said, "Meet the new boss...same as the old boss."

He's got a different color of skin, and thats it. Whether you support the war efforts or not, thats neither here nor there. We need to look up the word accountability and apply it to situations that our leaders place us in, because it's our money. It's our homes, it's our reputations, and god damn it...it's our lives, and our friends/childrens/mothers/fathers/sisters/brothers lives at stake. Even the most timid of animals will fight to the death to protect their flock.

We're too busy popping champagne because our struggle is over.


The Boxer Brief Chronicles.

Hey guys, I just wanted to do a quick update on the writing front. Of course I do a daily update at Days Gone By, and a weekly update of For Your Consideration. But lately I've also been writing and working on a book of short stories, which recently I unveiled the title over at Days Gone By. It will be called File Under Powerviolence. I have a few people interested in talking about publishing it, which I was told the other day is practically unheard of when a relatively unknown, young writer (I'm only 23) to get published.

So I decided to take care of the unknown thing.

A few months back during the D4 fiasco, which if you're up to date on Piss and Vinegar, you know a thing or two about. Well, one of the people who didn't like what I'd done during that event (an editor at Punk News) wrote an article on his site, Bitter Press, called Plugging the Leak.

If you know anything about Bitter Press, you know that guy is awesome and he gives a lot of unheard of authors a chance to be a little bit heard. After the fiasco we talked a bit, and an invitation was extended to submit a story for his site, and I accepted.

Fast-forward five months:

I recently submitted a story near and dear to me as I wrote it called Shootin' At a Mound of Dirt. It's picked up some steam (it's on fucking Digg!) from word of mouth, etc.

Truth is I'm doing this all alone, and this is my passion. I really appreciate everyone who's jumped on board, and I hate to ask this but please...without word of mouth, I'm going nowhere, and I mean fast. Check it out on Digg. Check it out on Bitter Press. You like it? Digg it. You hate it? Do the opposite of that. Leave a comment, and please...just share the link. I've worked really hard, and I'm finally seeing some of that pay off, but without the help of people reading this...I'm dead in the water.

Thank you guys so much. Piss and Vinegar ain't dead, I swear it. I just want to keep my blood pressure low, but if I were a betting man...I'd say the Tuesday, and the 24th look like mighty fine days to check back up on old Piss and Vinegar.


The Zionist Zeig Heil!

Israel, can you please calm the fuck down? I mean, my God whats next? Interment camps? Maybe, and this might not be such a bad fucking idea, but maybe you might want to look into acid showers and opening back up the gates of Auschwitz and really teach those god damned dirty Palestinians a thing or two.

The title of "God's Chosen People" can only go so fucking far, because to be quite honest I don't see God around anywhere with a generals helmet on leading tanks into war.

America might pull some fancy, cutesy bullshit once and a while when we dip into the Middle East, but you sit right in the middle of it all and constantly poke and prod. And I get that you're a people that have been through thousands of years of suffering, but do you even realize that you are slowly turning into the Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold of the World Stage? I'm half expecting you to stroll down the Gaza Strip in Trench Coats reciting some real Old Testament judgment (you know, the kind where God smote people for taking dumps and not lighting a scented candle afterwards.) Oh wait....you already are.

What makes your plight any different than that of Africa's, of the Irish, of the Native American's or every Gandhi-esque figure that ate the butt of a riffle because they wanted freedom? A wall and some Dead Sea scrolls?

Your actions with bombing Lebanese civilians to retaliate against their troops is nothing short of Hitler instituting the Holocaust. But now with the Palestinians over what? Because they want some land that is rightfully theirs, yet you feel is due to you because your God promised it? Guess what? You share the same God.

Maybe God's been two timing you both. I've seen it a hundred times. Maybe God's a player. "Sure baby, your my only one and I've promised this land for ya. Who loves you the most?" He just gave you both different names...but it's the same guy.

Palestinians know him as Allah, Jews might know him as Yahweh...we American's simply know him as the dude that lets our favorite football team win the Superbowl.

So maybe God's a player and never expected you two to be in the same room. And by golly, it surely is a bit awkward now, but trust me baby, he loves you the most.

The blame lies here solely with Israel, and it pains me to say that to an extent, but theres only so much bullshit one can absorb before you have to hold the incompetent on trial for their transgressions. Theres no need, in this modern world and society for a need to be a Zionist. There simply isn't. We've progressed to the point where we don't have to rely on trading sheep and cattle for the neighbors virgin daughter. We have e-harmony and MySpace now, so...you know...it's okay to step into the modern world, if only for a minute.

Theres always going to be aged people who are book smart, but do not know their pinkies from their dicks, and for the past eight years thats really been an indicative statement of America. But now I have to wonder if the rest of the world will hold Israel in just as much equal contempt as we've felt for our transgressions now that they are instituting "guerrilla warfare" and civilian hand-to-hand combat.

If it takes the rest of the modern world shunning and ostracizing Israel until they fuck right off about the Gaza Strip, and remove the collective holy sticks from their asses and realize that what they are doing is no different than what they suffered through during Egypt, Rome and Nazi Germany's Third Reich, then so be it.

This isn't a slight against Jewish people whatsoever, either. The truth of the matter though, is that each and every single gathering of people be it; Southerners, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Irish, Russians...what the shit ever, it's always the minority of morons that think they know whats best for everyone else.

But this, coupled with America's involvement in the Middle East these past few years...I just don't see how the addition of our "most trusted Allies" jumping on the wagon of pummeling those dirty, dirty non-believers is not going to result in World War Three with an A-Bomb the size of Texas not being dropped on either one, or both of us.

Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

If you wanna measure dicks, make it a side bet during some other pissing contest over the Wailing Wall or something. But innocent people are suffering because your pimp God spoke to you louder.


I'm an escape artist, not a fucking lumberjack.

It's the end of the world, and everyone is invited, like it or not.

This is the final Piss and Vinegar of 2008. From Max Bemis to Jesse Jackson to Fat Mike to the world at large, so many things were covered in such a short amount of time.

This blog carried a lot of controversy with it, and I'm sure 2009 will have it's own fair share. My only resolution is to update more, and finish writing this book which is so close, I can taste it.

Be safe everyone, and if you're gonna drink...do it somewhere where you can spend the night. No one wants to start off the New Year dead. Unless you're suicidal...then I stand corrected.

In keeping with the theme of how this year has been nothing but a shit salad, all my plans have fallen through. This always seems to happen to me.

I escaped this year. I lost a lot of people along the way, I made some great friends though, as well.

I've seen what I want to do, and where I want to be by this time next year. I want to work even harder to become everything I aspire for, or at least die trying.

I escaped this year, even when at times I truly didn't want to get back up. I didn't do it alone, either. Thank you to everyone who was there for me when times weren't so great.

I don't know one person who had a great year, and I for one am quite happy to see it go. I have a lot of high hopes for the next year; I'm hoping you do to.

We could all use a win at this point, I think. And I feel like the foundations are coming into place. So make the best of it guys, and drink away the shitty year of 2008. Come tomorrow you get to start it all over again. Hoorah!

So here we go!

Armageddon-outta-here, 2009 and beyond!

-Aaron Hale.


Declining to Deploy Troops to Wally World.

Welcome to one of the greatest obstacles most of us 20 to 35 somethings have ever faced.

Around each corner, the businesses we placed our our deferential faith in are now putting up foreclosure signs.

All our lives, we've been trained to place our faith in banks. Save up. Get two credit cards, build your credit, have a savings account and checking account. Plastic above paper, paper above something tangible.

What a lot of people don't realize is that part of the reason why America, and other Western Nations are now falling on hard times, is because theres no tangible asset or backing to our capital.

At some point we stopped backing our capital with gold, for hopes and dreams in a stock market. My question is...where is the actual, factual, tangible cold hard backing?

What bothers me, or rather I should say, what terrifies me is that people have begun to say that in the history books people would look back and revere George W. Bush as a decent leader who made unpopular decisions that eventually paid off.

How could anyone actually believe that? His first year in office, he spent six months of those at his fucking ranch.

Thats like showing up to your new job, even at KFC, and you show up for the first 8 days and just kind of coast. You then take 8 days off in a row. Guess what, theres someone else who needs that money, and doesn't mind coming in for an extra shift to batter chicken or make mashed potatoes for 8.25 an hour.

Maybe we should about the Chicagoian Politician's way of doing business; if we get an iffy-leader...auction that shit off on E-bay.

But I propose a question to anyone who reads this blog:

When you see these mega-corporations now closing down shop, every single AIG, Sally Mae, Washington Mutual, GMC and Ford...when you see them shutting down shop, is this necessarily a bad thing?

America, and the Western World as a whole, was built on the broken backs of the little man. It took one guy with a little bit more of the green stuff in his pocket to buy them out to start an empire.

But if all these countries were built on the backs of the little man, where are we to feel inclined to feel sorry for any of these companies?

America is flushing money down the drain in several conflicts. Without even commenting on that, it's almost impossible no matter what side of the fence you're sitting on to deny that the actual fighting, and tactical combat...has been horribly mismanaged. Does Petrayus even know his dick from his four stars?

We live in a time when we have, at our disposal, means of 'deterring' combatants without shedding blood. Don't tell me that them there rag-heads are somehow immune to riot squad procedures. Tear-gas stops pretty much anyone in their tracks. Drop a few of those in a particularly heated area, some concussion grenades and have some green berets go in there and handcuff every person with a rock (or higher)near their hands. Round 'em up, put 'em to trial and let Iraq become whatever it's going to become on it's own.

Same with Afghanistan. Gas every crevice thats even two inches deep. Whatever crawls out goes straight to the huskow.

I'm not a proprietor of war, but I'm not a merchant of death either. While I feel little remorse for those who continually strap bombs to their chests, use woman and children as shields, and pervert a universally acknowledged religion of peace...I also believe in Democracy. Everyone, no matter whom, if captured, is deserving of a fair trial. Take that for what it is.

But what do these wars have to do with the current situation of our collective economies? Simple: Thats where the funds are going.

These same corporations now coming to Washington, D.C with their hands out to beg for bailouts so they don't go bankrupt...are the same companies that helped back these confrontations, instead of going through the UN.

The Government is a sticky wicket. While they felt they were above God, and the UN and surpassed it, if you're skin is brown and you have any kind of accent and you came into this same country without going through the "proper channels"...you're ass will be deported, no questions asked. Good fucking bye, Pablo.

People want to rally against immigration. "Those spics are taking our jobs." Word?

Whens the last time you saw a nationally born American, with a doctorates in medicine, complaining about an illegal taking his job behind the scalpel? You haven't.

Truth is, the jobs they are taking are the ones we spoiled motherfuckers refuse to take. Johnny Redbloodedcitizen didn't want to show up to KFC, but heres a guy who doesn't grasp English as well, but who's willing to work 12 hour shifts without a break without over time. It's nothing short of what America was built upon all these years ago.

Is it necessarily a bad thing is GMC goes bankrupt? Nope.

The one thing I feel is good about socialism is the theory that people needn't make more than 200,000 a year. At what point do you need to make more than that? You can only have so many creature comforts.

But when your net worth is 30 million dollars...you don't have to work another second in your life.

These car companies screwed themselves, and now complaining about the STD's.

A bailout won't be the penicillin.

The people to blame aren't the people losing their jobs. The people to blame are the same ones begging for a handout while flying private jets.

Private jets? Fuck off. You think you've got it tough when you're flying a private fucking jet?

Having it tough is a mother with three kids, and a dad in jail for the next 25 years on Grand Theft Auto, and she's working three jobs and sucking truck drivers dicks for bus fare and baby formula.

Theres no circulation in the country where the big auto companies are trying to rake in the money.

Unfair lending practices, check.

Outsourcing their jobs to countries where they pay the workers ten dollars a week, check.

Terminating hundreds of thousands of jobs, helping deprive the country of the circulation of money, check.

Now they've all collectively gathered their mooching sacks (only the medium sized ones) and come a'knocking.

Theres only two ways that this can go. If they are allowed this bailout, we're fucked. Every person they've fired thats now losing their homes now has to dig in their empty pockets and start paying for these assholes affronts.

Or, God really forbid this...that Uncle Sam goes to Kinko's and prints up some Jacksons.

Why is that a bad thing? Seems simple enough...

Well, I have a few records that are quite coveted. Part of the reason why they are coveted is because they are rare. In fact...that's basically the only reason why. There is a limited amount of them.

Think back to history class. You might have to cut through some pot-stained and whiskey drowned memories, but think back to countries that felt printing money would make the issues go away to pay off the debt. It dropped it down to nil. People burned their money to stay warm. Hence, "money to burn".

Thats whats going to happen. I feel its better to say fuck you to these companies that've been sucking the teat of all of us dry, and let them fucking eat shit with the rest of us.

I truly feel if that happened, the modern man will sack up and begin working again. Who doesn't love shopping at a mom and pops? The money is in the community, theres a job there...there is honesty in a very ugly place.

It sucks right now, but if people thought outside the box...

Man, fuck it. We're gonna be in debt anyways. Why not eat it a little bit more, and go to college and chase the dreams we were always told we unsafe, or silly.

Because right now, from the bottom looking up and seeing those high rises being foreclosed...all those safety nets are breaking, all those sure bets are coming up snake eyes.

If you're going to be in debt 30 thousand dollars in times like these, whats another 20? In rational thinking, if you wanted to be a nurse but became a real estate agent...well, houses bottom out: People never stop getting sick.

These corporations want to sink their claws into us. After so many years of saying oil is running out and we had to charge 4.50 a fucking gallon, all of a sudden people stopped driving Hummers and started driving Huffey's. God bless the silent revolution that took place.

But now gas is 1.55 again. People are feeling better about filling up, and the initial reaction is to take advantage of the low prices.

Sooner or later, it's gonna start inching it's way back up. 2.00? Fuck, at least its not as bad as the summer of 2008.

Gotcha bitch!

Cheer for the underdog. Support the little guy, and it's gonna turn around and help you when it's time for you to ask for help.


Time Machines and Iron Lungs.

One thing I've noticed in my years of dating, and observing (not in a pants around the ankles, in a bush outside her house kinda way) girls time I've noticed...it's pretty hard to really know who it is you're dating.

Now, I don't have a very close relationship with my mother, but one of the most important pieces of advice I've ever received from anyone came from her: Never date a girl you can't see yourself spending the rest of your life with.

And that most definitely applies to girls dating guys, too, I'm sure.

But a huge problem with why relationships fail, with why so many marriages fail is obvious: theres a breakdown in communication.

Things get rushed for numerous reasons. For example, America still tries to hold tight to its Puritanical roots. Everywhere you look; TV, Movies, Books, Advertisements, the Government, Churches, Parents, Friends and family all seem to be pressuring you to get married. Get married, settle down and have some kids.

It's subtle, but when you think about it...its actually pretty staggering.

Here, how many times have you heard this when you were a child from your parents, "Just wait til you have kids of your own," or, "I hope you have a child like you," and of course, "One day when your married you'll understand..."

How many Zales/Kay commercials have you seen, especially now during the Holidays til roughly February 15th. "Every kiss begins with K", "No you've got a friend in the diamond business."

Every bit of that is subtle pressure. But when you get older, you begin to feel that slightly more aggressive pinch when all your pals start growing up and settling down.

It's a proven fact that when something is rushed, the outcome will most likely not be savory, satisfactory or it might not even survive.

You give into all these pressures to alleviate the tension, and in the end it becomes a life suck. You have years of your youth sucked away, not to mention theirs.

And so much of this stems from dating someone without thinking about whom it is your crawling into bed with. But the thing is...so often it's nearly goddamned impossible to even figure out who it is sleeping next to you. You can live with someone for three years, and not know important, vital information of them.

It's because we don't know how to ask, and we don't know how to observe. Most importantly...we've lost the ability to communicate. To verbalize the internal structures of our insides. Why? So many of us have been hurt before. Everyone inevitably becomes, in some form or another, a type of 'damaged goods'. And that sucks, but life's fucked up. That just happens.

But it can cause division, when really all that person (or you) needs an adhesive.

Now granted, thats a hard concept to grasp. But it stems from responsibility, and unfortunately...most of this new generation has no fucking clue what that means. I'd like to say it isn't our fault. I'd like to place the blame on people, I'd like to place the blame on society...but the truth is, if any blame can be exchanged, if any buck can be passed then you first have to recognize that there is a problem.

And when you recognize there is a problem, you have to realize that you are continuing it. Future generations will judge us by how we dealt with the smallest of details. It's the Devil in detail will damn your soul when the final product is set.

But it's ingrained in us now to go with our knee-jerk reactions. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. We raise a generation of kids who come from broken homes, and refuse to punish them for their transgressions.

Some of these seems so audacious that it couldn't possibly be true. Case in point, parents are suing a school because their children are sending each other nude photos.

Thats not even something I can wrap my head around.

And I truly believe it's because we succumb to the pressure, we refuse to stand up and take the responsibility...we refuse to communicate because "talky is hard. me no do so well." Fucking nations of imbeciles running wild at this point. Absolute imbeciles who think that going green is a sanctimonious action. This isn't just centralized to America, either.

I don't think teacher should be allowed to institute capital punishment. I feel thats at the parents sole discretion, and I believe the parent should have a right to discipline a child. The thing is, there isn't a fine line between discipline and abuse: Discipline is done with love to help correct an issue; abuse is when there is malice and intent to hurt a child.

But given that, teachers are the medium for parents. Teachers roles in society are wholly important, as they are expected to not only educate but instill a modicum of discipline and morality in a student.

They shouldn't be allowed to spank a child, no, but when a child acts out theres definitely a few problems: home life could not be so great, emotionally unstable, etc. However, kids do make mistakes.

But while American parents are trying to hold schools responsible for their children's need to act out in a sexual manner because thats what their swamped with all around. Look at Miley Cyrus. The little slut has been busted on NUMEROUS occasions for pushing the bounds of decency. And her "father" just allows it, because this harlot in training is bringing him money.

Why aren't Americans suing Miley Cyrus then? If we're going to be that outlandish, why aren't the guns pointed in her whorish direction? Shit, we used to burn chicks at the stake just in case they used a broom for anything other than sweeping.

But before we can necessarily scoff at America's practice, the rest of the world fails as well. Take ol' Mother Britain, for instance. A teacher sat his students down, and came up with an ingenious form of discipline for being tardy: push ups.

Push ups. Probably the healthiest thing in the world. It's something you can take with a grain of salt and humility, as well. It's kind of funny, but theres nothing malicious about this...in theory.

But British parents said, "Oi, fuck you prick! No ones going to punish my sweet lass/lad for being late, especially in a healthy and constructive manner, you bloody sod!" And they suspended the teacher.

When you suspend or sue a teacher for menial things such as these, the ingrained manipulation in these...shitty little fucking brats (Americans, British...who fucking ever) heads. They can strip the teacher of power.

They strip the parents of power they should theoretically deserve. But every time some yuppie-spawn parent sues a teacher, it exploits how little respect they deserve from their child.

And it stems back to being pressured to marry young, procreate. Do it to, and if you don't...you fucking blew it.

But as I started out with, I have a theory. Man of Science coming through.

The way you can truly know the girl you're dating, who she really is...because face it. We all date our representatives. We may never meet the true party leader until Johnny Law shows up, and your trying to convince them you walked into that beer bottle flying through the air.

Watch her with her father.

How a girl acts with her father is how she truly is at her most uninhibited. If he neglected her, and she has daddy issues...watch how hard she tries to get his attention. Or how she tries to get the attention, be it negative or outlandish, or overtly synthetic.

If thats the case, shes most likely never going to be real with you. She will constantly do whatever it is she thinks you want, and eventually...as much as a heaven that sounds like, if you're a decent human being at all...that won't fly.

I dated a girl once who's father treated her like she was a son attempting to gain favor. Think Michael to George in Arrested Development. No matter how good the idea was, he always turned down the ideas to keep Michael hungry for acceptance.

Her father did the same to her. As a result, he tended show more favoritism towards his youngest, and it killed her.

In her life outside of home, she acted more like a chameleon, and unfortunately...I never got to know the real her. Whatever sect of friends she was with, she adopted that identity. I understand people tend to blend with their friends to be a bit more cohesive, but...she adapted and adopted each, and every one of their personalities.

Theres a flip side to this coin, though.

When a girl is truly happy, and has a healthy relationship with her father, it more often than not emanates in her true personality. You can see it in her smile, how she dedicates herself to her goals, and how she will treat you.

I've been lucky to've been blessed with an amazing step-father. My biological dad, I don't even know his name. There are no pictures of him.

But my step-father is better than most fathers, period. I hope, truly, one day I can be half as decent as he is. From this, I'm learning how to treat a woman properly.

He was never pressured to marry my mother. In fact, almost the opposite. But through it, they found true love on their own terms. It took them both a few tries, but they got it right.

For 20 years they've gotten it right.

And when you marry for the right reasons, you'll know it's true. It might not be easy, but it takes dedication to make anything worthwhile. Don't fret...love will find you.

But you have to observe. You have to watch. You have to study, and you have to communicate. Pride has no place in these situations. Love isn't a pissing match, and marriage shouldn't be a cage match for dominance.

But you have to take responsibility for your actions. Some of that requires you to cut your losses when the person your with isn't the one. A child won't save that. Passing the buck won't mask a dead relationship and shitty parenting. It only exploits a lack of a will to fight for something more.

When you rush something, when you aren't patient...you end up ruining years of your life, and another persons. You end up risking to ruin a child's life completely.

Patience really is a virtue.