Gimme a Shimme, Gimme a Shake.

Dedicated to Dennis, and Velvet.

So, it's strange to be round these parts again. It seems like every one's a critic, and sometimes I can't string a sentence together without it leading me into hot water. That's fine, at least I've got a devout fanatic in an old buddy of mine from the pages of Punk News. Check him out, he really is a special little fella.

But to every one who had some nice things to say about the recent Dillinger Four controversy, I'd like to extend a hearty thanks. I've made a lot of new friends, and I appreciate it a lot.

I think it really felt like things had become completely out of control (and I thought the Internet would soon start eating itself) when the Mighty Mitch Clem opened the doors back up to the worlds first online punk comic strip, Nothing Nice To Say, and started a story arc presumably centered on actions from yours truly. I don't care what anyone thinks, that's pretty bad ass.

But enough of this! It's time for the here, and now!

Some one close to me has went through a lot of hardships lately, and I truly don't know if I could personally have the strength he's displayed during these trying times. Most recently, theres been a personal tragedy within his family. Now, not that that is bad enough, but the tragedy has now gotten the Federal Government involved in the situation.

Without getting into the specifics of it all, it's going to result with him taking the Federal Government to Court.

Despite the stress, and toll that will obviously take on him as well as his pockets, I can't explain how proud I am to see a civilian grabbing onto the meaty seat of the Government, and not fucking letting go.

So often we see people just lay down and die. I truly suspect the reason why Government hangs so closely on the teat of Religion, is because when Faith is introduced into a cocktail, and that little plate comes your way...you're paying for your seat in Heaven. Why worry about what happens in the mean time, because infinity is so fucking long. It's just so long, you better pucker up now...

The two play off of each other, and the lowest common denominator (for those outside of the United States reading this, I'm referring to the Mid West of America).

If you can find someones worst fear, and manipulate it to where you seem to have the answers, then you have the golden ticket. Simple as that. And whats more scary than not knowing what happens after that final fucking breath? I'm pretty sure during a death rattle, you aren't too worried about the mortgage.

So why fight for the here, and now? Why fight for what is happening tomorrow, when the day after is a bigger question mark?

So my friend is now preparing to tango with the Federal Government. It seems so taboo. To bite the hand that's supposed to feed. But I hope he bites so hard, he draws blood. European governments live in fear of the people revolting. France is a great example. And I'm not saying that any of those countries are better than ours, I'm saying that we set a precedence here for what it means to be a Western Civilization, and now with the idea of a black democrat President becoming a somewhat sobering reality for a lot of those Americans stuck in a time frame the rest of us try to move past, you hear the voices of old come through the radio.

Cries of socialism, fears of a "Negra President". You see our true colors come to light, and they aren't Red, White and Blue. In keeping with the theme of yesterday's folklore, our colors are yella.

Why is it even a fucking issue anymore, color of skin? Why aren't people asking questions, why aren't people ready and willing to fight?

George Bush is still in office, you fucks. That guy could be clubbing baby seals and selling nukes for pogs (they ARE do for a comeback...), and no one has a fucking clue what that asshole is doing because....because we have a short attention span. We can't focus on the man bending Lady Liberty over, and teaching her the Texas Steam Roll, because of look, Sarah Palin wardrobe cost $150,000, and while that is an issue that should be examined (for you kids in England, that's nearly 300,000 Pounds, and to put things in perspective that's money that could fund under privileged schools around the country) but the thing is...we shouldn't take our eyes off this fuck.

If there was ever a neck fit for a noose, it holds up the head of the leader of the free world. I mean that sincerely.

Short attention spans, loss the will to fight, readying ourselves for the after-life and what comes next...

America is becoming a senile Alzheimer's patient with pneumonia and no family.

But...not all is doom and gloom.

Through my time I've taken off of here to put things into perspective (I.E turning 23, catching up with Scrubs, the Simpsons and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) a very close friend of mine, Velvet, has really started to come into her own as a photographer. She's actually starting to gain a lot of interest from numerous blogs and websites (and rightfully so) but the scary thing is, she's just beginning.

There are a set of photos she took of a recent dual protest in Southern California, of both McCain and Obama. Both were protesting the other while supporting their guy. But whats really fascinating about her set of photos (the way she takes them is completely unbiased, which is simply beautiful) she captures a moment in time that not many people will ever see. After November 4th, Americans will most likely go back to being complacent, as they've done with every Election. But these photos really capture a point in time of uncertainty, disillusion and a wanton desire for hope to return, and change to be born.

Throughout the sets of her pieces, you get this idea that the photographer took the picture with two eye's in mind; hers and the person unknown who may stumble across them. She can exploit texture, depth, and manipulate it to where it only serves to strengthen the character and integrity of the subject at hand.

There's something so approachable about her, and that's not me saying that because I know her. I say that, because again going back to the protest pictures, you get a sense of a world view. And an appreciation for the story in the sand begging to be written, as well as read.

Go check it out!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/velvetonholiday/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/velvetonholiday/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/velvetonholiday/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/velvetonholiday/