Declining to Deploy Troops to Wally World.

Welcome to one of the greatest obstacles most of us 20 to 35 somethings have ever faced.

Around each corner, the businesses we placed our our deferential faith in are now putting up foreclosure signs.

All our lives, we've been trained to place our faith in banks. Save up. Get two credit cards, build your credit, have a savings account and checking account. Plastic above paper, paper above something tangible.

What a lot of people don't realize is that part of the reason why America, and other Western Nations are now falling on hard times, is because theres no tangible asset or backing to our capital.

At some point we stopped backing our capital with gold, for hopes and dreams in a stock market. My question is...where is the actual, factual, tangible cold hard backing?

What bothers me, or rather I should say, what terrifies me is that people have begun to say that in the history books people would look back and revere George W. Bush as a decent leader who made unpopular decisions that eventually paid off.

How could anyone actually believe that? His first year in office, he spent six months of those at his fucking ranch.

Thats like showing up to your new job, even at KFC, and you show up for the first 8 days and just kind of coast. You then take 8 days off in a row. Guess what, theres someone else who needs that money, and doesn't mind coming in for an extra shift to batter chicken or make mashed potatoes for 8.25 an hour.

Maybe we should about the Chicagoian Politician's way of doing business; if we get an iffy-leader...auction that shit off on E-bay.

But I propose a question to anyone who reads this blog:

When you see these mega-corporations now closing down shop, every single AIG, Sally Mae, Washington Mutual, GMC and Ford...when you see them shutting down shop, is this necessarily a bad thing?

America, and the Western World as a whole, was built on the broken backs of the little man. It took one guy with a little bit more of the green stuff in his pocket to buy them out to start an empire.

But if all these countries were built on the backs of the little man, where are we to feel inclined to feel sorry for any of these companies?

America is flushing money down the drain in several conflicts. Without even commenting on that, it's almost impossible no matter what side of the fence you're sitting on to deny that the actual fighting, and tactical combat...has been horribly mismanaged. Does Petrayus even know his dick from his four stars?

We live in a time when we have, at our disposal, means of 'deterring' combatants without shedding blood. Don't tell me that them there rag-heads are somehow immune to riot squad procedures. Tear-gas stops pretty much anyone in their tracks. Drop a few of those in a particularly heated area, some concussion grenades and have some green berets go in there and handcuff every person with a rock (or higher)near their hands. Round 'em up, put 'em to trial and let Iraq become whatever it's going to become on it's own.

Same with Afghanistan. Gas every crevice thats even two inches deep. Whatever crawls out goes straight to the huskow.

I'm not a proprietor of war, but I'm not a merchant of death either. While I feel little remorse for those who continually strap bombs to their chests, use woman and children as shields, and pervert a universally acknowledged religion of peace...I also believe in Democracy. Everyone, no matter whom, if captured, is deserving of a fair trial. Take that for what it is.

But what do these wars have to do with the current situation of our collective economies? Simple: Thats where the funds are going.

These same corporations now coming to Washington, D.C with their hands out to beg for bailouts so they don't go bankrupt...are the same companies that helped back these confrontations, instead of going through the UN.

The Government is a sticky wicket. While they felt they were above God, and the UN and surpassed it, if you're skin is brown and you have any kind of accent and you came into this same country without going through the "proper channels"...you're ass will be deported, no questions asked. Good fucking bye, Pablo.

People want to rally against immigration. "Those spics are taking our jobs." Word?

Whens the last time you saw a nationally born American, with a doctorates in medicine, complaining about an illegal taking his job behind the scalpel? You haven't.

Truth is, the jobs they are taking are the ones we spoiled motherfuckers refuse to take. Johnny Redbloodedcitizen didn't want to show up to KFC, but heres a guy who doesn't grasp English as well, but who's willing to work 12 hour shifts without a break without over time. It's nothing short of what America was built upon all these years ago.

Is it necessarily a bad thing is GMC goes bankrupt? Nope.

The one thing I feel is good about socialism is the theory that people needn't make more than 200,000 a year. At what point do you need to make more than that? You can only have so many creature comforts.

But when your net worth is 30 million dollars...you don't have to work another second in your life.

These car companies screwed themselves, and now complaining about the STD's.

A bailout won't be the penicillin.

The people to blame aren't the people losing their jobs. The people to blame are the same ones begging for a handout while flying private jets.

Private jets? Fuck off. You think you've got it tough when you're flying a private fucking jet?

Having it tough is a mother with three kids, and a dad in jail for the next 25 years on Grand Theft Auto, and she's working three jobs and sucking truck drivers dicks for bus fare and baby formula.

Theres no circulation in the country where the big auto companies are trying to rake in the money.

Unfair lending practices, check.

Outsourcing their jobs to countries where they pay the workers ten dollars a week, check.

Terminating hundreds of thousands of jobs, helping deprive the country of the circulation of money, check.

Now they've all collectively gathered their mooching sacks (only the medium sized ones) and come a'knocking.

Theres only two ways that this can go. If they are allowed this bailout, we're fucked. Every person they've fired thats now losing their homes now has to dig in their empty pockets and start paying for these assholes affronts.

Or, God really forbid this...that Uncle Sam goes to Kinko's and prints up some Jacksons.

Why is that a bad thing? Seems simple enough...

Well, I have a few records that are quite coveted. Part of the reason why they are coveted is because they are rare. In fact...that's basically the only reason why. There is a limited amount of them.

Think back to history class. You might have to cut through some pot-stained and whiskey drowned memories, but think back to countries that felt printing money would make the issues go away to pay off the debt. It dropped it down to nil. People burned their money to stay warm. Hence, "money to burn".

Thats whats going to happen. I feel its better to say fuck you to these companies that've been sucking the teat of all of us dry, and let them fucking eat shit with the rest of us.

I truly feel if that happened, the modern man will sack up and begin working again. Who doesn't love shopping at a mom and pops? The money is in the community, theres a job there...there is honesty in a very ugly place.

It sucks right now, but if people thought outside the box...

Man, fuck it. We're gonna be in debt anyways. Why not eat it a little bit more, and go to college and chase the dreams we were always told we unsafe, or silly.

Because right now, from the bottom looking up and seeing those high rises being foreclosed...all those safety nets are breaking, all those sure bets are coming up snake eyes.

If you're going to be in debt 30 thousand dollars in times like these, whats another 20? In rational thinking, if you wanted to be a nurse but became a real estate agent...well, houses bottom out: People never stop getting sick.

These corporations want to sink their claws into us. After so many years of saying oil is running out and we had to charge 4.50 a fucking gallon, all of a sudden people stopped driving Hummers and started driving Huffey's. God bless the silent revolution that took place.

But now gas is 1.55 again. People are feeling better about filling up, and the initial reaction is to take advantage of the low prices.

Sooner or later, it's gonna start inching it's way back up. 2.00? Fuck, at least its not as bad as the summer of 2008.

Gotcha bitch!

Cheer for the underdog. Support the little guy, and it's gonna turn around and help you when it's time for you to ask for help.


Eazy D said...

first. you suck faggot! haha

Bonus Cupped said...

This is a brave piece and says what many are thinking but are too polite to say, because however many of us care little for the car companies as corporate institutions the fact remains that a bunch of people rely on them for employment. That's always been the evil genius of modern neo lib capitalism; the people are bound to the thing that hates them, whether it be through job security or savings in the form of stocks. In the developed world whole economies are based round the whims of Trans Nationals, that whole banana republic thing. One of your best for sure Mr Hale.

The Emperor said...

I won't give you any kind of "oh, yes, this was a brave piece" garbage, but way to have common sense.

Velvet said...

i would just like to point out that none of these problems existed when us indians were running the show. viva 1492, motherfuckers, viva 1492.

signals said...

some really strong points, but i have to disagree on a few things, i guess.

we've built an entire society out of money that we don't have, so it is inevitable that thousands of people rely upon the corporations that are now having some serious problems making ends meet.

while i want to scream 'fuck capitalism!' or another traditional spanner-in-the-works phrase, the knock on effect is huge enough that it does affect the little man when these corporations close down. and then because him and his buddies have no money, it affects his local economy. and that affects his regional economy.

this is the way full scale depressions are created and while i dont have an alternative answer, but even if I did, it would be too late anyway.

if the post WW2 bankers, and their sons hadnt spent the last fifty years creating a climate that equates money with how much a person is worth to modern society, we have a very different story on our hands.