Nervous Wreck On a Four Lane Highway

So late nights provide some of the more interesting...loosely meant, I mean, interesting programs. Loads of infomercials, random sex specials...poker after dark, which I've been watching for the past month and still know nothing about. But then there was one commercial I saw that literally shook me to my core.

I can handle humanity caving in on itself. I expect it, because people in power will always make that decision, and as long as people still see color of skin as a reason to abhor an individual. Religions, party lines, gender orientations...drugs...I understand that. Narrow mind sets encompass humanity, and bury it with futility. Futility being in that some day we honestly will no longer see these as issues to discriminate, and the only reason to dislike someone would be on there more foundation, and which that compass directs them towards in life's maze.

But the patterns of love and cruelty are nearly parallel. In such, love guides us to act on impulsions that disintegrate the thought process of normally intuitions. I'm not defending the actions, but it becomes quite apparent in most situations of Domestic issues.

But where I draw the line is when people don't know where the fuck to empty aggressions out on. Whats wrong with hitting the gym? Whats wrong with jogging, or riding the bike, or writing? Creating something out of anguish?

But then I see this commercial...I see this commercial about abused animals being kept in shelters.

Despite the horrible Sarah McLaughlin song, at the beginning when that dog is shaking in terror, and it's eyes look so terrified, it literally breaks my heart. Dogs don't deserve ever being beaten, or hurt. Cats, ferrets, any animal. If someone takes the liberty to hurt an animal...a pet...

Animals, some can be dicks, but for the most part reflect how the person who cares for them are. I couldn't ever imagine harming a pet, because they are there for comfort, for companionship. To pick up the line for wanting to give love, and receiving unconditional love.

It's hard for me to trust people, but I can respect a lot. But anyone who abuses a pet immediately loses any respect in my eyes. It's a characteristic of someone who has extremely violent tendencies.

I've went ahead and donated towards the ASPCA, which you can also do as such at www.myaspca.org.

Theres no reason a dog, or a cat or whatever animal doesn't deserve the same chance to be loved. Absolutely none. This organization is non-profit, and avoids the propaganda tactics that PETA might add. They don't have the same pizazz, or flash and backing...but, this is a way to become involved with something that actually makes a difference by nursing abused, harmed or neglected animals with shelter, food and medicine.

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