Sticks and Stones may break my bones (but words will hurt forever.)

So this is the inaugural launching of Piss and Vinegar. I'm sure it'll soon be apparent why that specific title was chosen.

So we kick this baby off today with the spot light shown on the Reverend Jesse Jackson. It seems that after his endless tirades and calls to get rappers to stop saying the very controversial "N-Word", Reverend Jesse Jackson has himself indulged in his "brotha" side: (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080717/ap_on_re_us/jackson_n_word).

The thing about Jesse Jackson, and his cronie Al Sharpton is that while they have done quite a lot to help advance the Black community, they've actually done just as much to help damage it in the long run.

Remember when Michael Richards had the very famous, and career killing Laugh Factory incident? Where he ranted and raved around the stage screaming: "He's a nigger! He's a nigger!" and you watched the frail remnants of a failed actor/comedian's mentality dissolve entirely. Who was one of the first people on the scene to cry foul?

When Don Imus infamously added "nappy-headed hoe" to the American lexicon, Jackson, and Sharpton called for his head on a pike.

Towards their own community they've settled more on the facet of a word (that granted carries quite a stigma of oppression, and hundreds of years of horrific brutality), they've focused more on a word and less on putting importance of schooling and education.

Enough so to take aim at rappers who use the word. While I do feel that the word itself is something that can be negative, I also feel that in order to take the power out of anything it must be confronted. Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, to name a few also felt the same way. When you say something enough times, eventually it takes away it's power, and it then in turn just becomes what it is: Another word.

But Jesse Jackson, the severity of him saying this specific word completely eradicates whatever dumb-fuck goal he originally had. He's completely lost touch with the culture he's become the self-proclaimed voice of, and in the long term, he may have alienated those who've supported him as well, who might've been well-meaning.

A statement given by Jackson after the fact went on to say,
"I am deeply saddened and distressed by the pain and sorrow that I have caused as a result of my hurtful words. I apologize again to Senator Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, their children as well as to the American public," Jackson said in a written statement. "There really is no justification for my comments and I hope that the Obama family and the American public will forgive me. I also pray that we, as a nation, can move on to address the real issues that affect the American people."
As deeply saddened as he may have been, he's also been videotaped as saying, in a very hushed-tone saying "I want to cut his nuts off." for "talking down to Black people" (http://youtube.com/watch?v=aZEsHj66EBY).

This man is a fucking pastor, for one. You're deeply saddened? You're saddened you got caught, so just own up to it. You're god-damned right there is no justification for ANY of your comments. You cannot suggest we as a Nation move on from this to face "real issues that affect the American people." because this affects quite a large populous of the American people. He chastise Obama for talking down to Black people, when he himself has made a career of standing on the soap-box with an endless tirade against musicians and film makers who use the words, calling for boycotts.

Nevermind the fact that you want to cut his nuts off. Whatever your infatuation is with a young black mans genitalia might be, theres no need for that blanket lust to be broadcast aloud. But cut his nuts off? What the fuck is this, Roots? Is he Kunta Kinte?

What this does reek of, to me, is that of jealousy. Obama stands the legitimate chance of becoming the first Black President. This has the ability to completely destroy, or at least take a huge chunk out of the glass ceiling so many black youth have had to deal with their entire lives. Jackson of all people should be able to recognize that. As much as he hates Ludacris for throwing Jesse's new favorite word around like it's comma, he should realize how much of a positive influence he can be, for not glorifying the gangster lifestyle he's condemned endlessly.

What this reeks of is jealousy. Jealousy, and an obvious show of a man who's lost touch with those he's supposed to represent. He won't be the first black president.

So who does Jesse Jackson have to answer too. While Imus, and Richards were completely wrong for their vile and contemptuous remarks, the hoops he made them go through were rings of fire.

Do as I say, not as I do.

I'm curious what you feel about this. The only reason I feel so pissed about the whole goddamned thing is because for years, and years Jackson has beaten the drum to the point where the drum isn't even taut anymore. He's been so high and mighty for so long, turning his nose up at anyone. It's almost as if he's got nothing better to do than make peoples lives shit.

He ruined, absolutely ruined the lives of those kids at George Mason. That whore who couldn't keep her lies straight and accused those men of raping her. All were expelled. They lost any standing they had in the community, and were dragged through the mud. Jesse Jackson drove the buggy they were tied too.

Some lost scholarships. An entire country blacklisted them, and their communities turned them into Pariahs....and the outcome of the Supreme Court case? They were innocent.

It's time Jesse Jackson be held accountable for his sins. He's a man of the cloth, and can surely understand the meaning behind that. He's demanded accountability from many, many people, and ruined just about as much lives. He's put a smear on an entire race, and still tries to demand respect.

What do you think about all this? Should he be held accountable? Is an apology worth anything, given his nature to covet Obama's nuts? Let me know, and thanks for reading.

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Jason P. Woodbury said...

I like how you got a "This blog may be objectionable" warning from Blogspot for this blog. Way to go!

Obviously, Jackson is an ass. Here we have, like you said, a man with a legitimate shot at being president, and Jackson is engaged in backbiting and slander.

He's a hypocrite. Not much more to say, unfortunately. He's certainly done some great things in his day, but these days his watchdog barking is garnering him less and less attention. Hopefully soon, he'll either start saying something of substance or shut the hell up.

Excited for the possibilities of this blog, Aaron!

Aaron Hale said...

Thank you for the kind words, Jason. If you want, please feel free to spread the word...I'm trying to hard to make something of myself outside of Racket.